The Real Scoop on Fostering Teens

The Real Scoop on Fostering Teens

At Chaffee Foster Care, we think fostering teens is amazing. While a lot of parents ask to foster babies or toddlers, we’re here to tell you that with a teen, there are so many experiences and opportunities for parents who are fostering teens to love, teach and help show a teen that they are loved and special.

You may not have been there in the delivery room, but you get to give them their first Christmas, birthday celebration, graduation party, first dance, and more.

Hope and Home, with its article, The Real Scoop on Fostering Teens, does a stellar job describing why fostering teens can be a very rewarding experience.

The Real Scoop on Fostering Teens
By: Hope & Home

Audrey was 17 when she came into foster care with her three younger siblings. They had self-reported their abuse over and over again without anyone believing their claims.

One day, someone finally heard them, believed them, and rescued them. Audrey had been brave for her siblings as she stood between them and their abusers for several years, but the time for their freedom had finally come.

When they were rescued, Audrey and her three siblings were able to stay together thanks to Matt & Farrah – a Hope & Home foster family. In fact, they were the only foster family in the entire state of Colorado that could keep all four kids together.

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